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Product Code: T0006
Grey(Available) // Black(SOLD OUT)
PTP 62cm; Length 83cm
Fits UK 6-12
RM 49; SGD 30

We took away the chains, and they are prettier now! This piece is just classy and sexy. Give it a personal touch with your own accessories! Tube worn inside advisable.

Product Code: D0001
Red (SOLD)// Black(SOLD) // Silver(Available)
 PTP 30cm; Length 65cm
Fits UK 6-10
RM49; SGD30
RM 20!!
Need a dress for formal occasions? Or maybe to party? Elegance for sale for RM49, found.

Many customers asked for belts, here they are! Take your pick!!
All belts going for RM 15( Include postage) !!
Limited stock available!!
Available belts: 
B:Zip( Brown,Black)