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Dear gorgeous shoppers,
We are having X'mas Final Clearance,as we really need space for the new batch of stocks.
All the items are in an unbelievable price and if you still do not satisfy with the price, feel free to offer us your price and if we can make it, we will let it go.We are giving free christmas gift for purchases of RM60&above too=)

  • All prices include postage.YES,include!!
  • Free stockings/leggings* for purchases of RM60 and above.
  • Purchase any Tiffany&Co item and get a free stockings*!!!
  • All sold out items are not restockable.
  • First come, first serve basis.
The volver team.
*While Stock Last

We are testing the market for Tiffany & Co. imitation(at a super discounted price, specially for this festive season)! High quality and almost indistinguishable from the original! It comes with delicate and classy packaging too (like the box above).

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Stock clearance sale!! Click the picture above to view the great deal=)

Volver Clothier Team

Be bubbly and sexy at the same time! Not for the normal/faint-hearted!
RM 29  RM 10!!
fits uk 4-10

Product Code: T0006
Grey(Available) // Black(SOLD OUT)
PTP 62cm; Length 83cm
Fits UK 6-12
RM 49; SGD 30

We took away the chains, and they are prettier now! This piece is just classy and sexy. Give it a personal touch with your own accessories! Tube worn inside advisable.

Product Code: D0001
Red (SOLD)// Black(SOLD) // Silver(Available)
 PTP 30cm; Length 65cm
Fits UK 6-10
RM49; SGD30
RM 20!!
Need a dress for formal occasions? Or maybe to party? Elegance for sale for RM49, found.

Many customers asked for belts, here they are! Take your pick!!
All belts going for RM 15( Include postage) !!
Limited stock available!!
Available belts: 
B:Zip( Brown,Black)

Product Code: D0007
Colours: Black(SOLD), Army Green (Available)
Pit-to-pit 40cm; Length 75cm
Fits UK 4-10
RM59; SGD35
RM 15!!
My personal favourite is the army green! Sure to stun and kill without guns. Just clothes from us, and confidence from you!

Product Code: D0002
Sizes: S, M
Black (SOLD)
Brown (SOLD)
S: Pit-to-pit 11.5"; Length 24"
S- Fits UK 4-8

Colours: Black(SOLD)
M: Pit-to-pit 13"; Length 25"
M- Fits UK6-10
RM49; SGD30
RM 25!!

The texture is snake-skin inspired. Totally wild! The cutting adds a hint of innocence. From far, you'll mesmerise with the sweet, demure cutting; close up (to those closer to you) others will notice this exotic texture as you puncture them with your venomous contagious fun-wild attitude. Yes, the back is embellished with a wicked in-trend zip!

Product Code: L0003
Waist 27cm; Length 86cm
Fits UK 6-12
 We brought you snake-skin textured leggings, now we bring you cotton fabric ones! With the familiar zip that you all love! A simple yet elegant feature, isn't it?

Product Code: S0001
Colours: Black (SOLD)
RM50; SGD31
Waist 31cm; Hips 40cm; Length 42cm
Fits UK4-6
(Not Restockable)

(Blouse not included) High waisted skirt is tightening it's way back to the fashion scene, amalgamated with the zip-craze, we say it's here to stay! *so happen to be the song that I'm listening to. Grins...Stop that plane.. Turn it around..* Maybe like the lyrics of the song, you can stop planes with this. Please do, let me know if you do.

Product Code: D0006
Colours: Grey (SOLD) and Navy Blue (SOLD)
RM49; SGD30
Pit-to-pit 39cm; Length 62cm
Fits UK 4-10
(Not Restockable)
(Belt not included) But you definitely can wear it and look pretty this way. Simply tasteful. OHH, I just love the details on the shoulders. As seen in Topshop. Grins

Product Code: D0003
Colours: Silver (Sold), Gold (Sold), Black (Sold)
RM46; SGD29
Pit-to-pit 12"; Length 30"
Fits UK4-8

Balmain and Gucci have it, it is now affordable with Posh:ticated! With this on, the dancefloor is yours. You'll add LIFE to night outs with your bffs. (we won't tell them that you're out-dazzling them)

Product Code: L0001
Colours: Black (All Sold Out)
RM29; SGD20
Fits UK 4-10
 These leather inspired leggings should not be a stranger to any fashionista. The leggings' versatility in matching with other clothes makes it a worth buy! Fashionistas like Kate Moss, Mischa Barton, Victoria Beckham, Nicky Hilton and Rihanna are all fans of this particular style. What are you waiting for? Choose to look glamorous already!

Express your prowess and gracefulness! Nothing beats sexy felinity! 
Hips 32-42"; Length 86-107cm

We have the dress, now we have the skirt! Pencil skirt?
RM 35 RM20!!
Blue// Black//Pink
Waist 32cm; Length 39cm
fits Uk4-8

Product Code: T0009
 Grey(SOLD) // Blue(SOLD) // White(SOLD)
PTP 50cm; Length 68cm
Fits UK 6-12
RM35; SGD23
RM 15!!

So much attitude, yet so simple.
(white blouse inside included)

Product Code: T0010
Light Blue(SOLD) // Dark Blue(SOLD) // Black(SOLD)
PTP 43cm; Length 70cm
Fits UK 4-12
RM49; SGD30
RM 19!!
Available in THREE colours, light blue, dark blue and black! The belt in the middle is included, for all the respective colours! B:Stud belt is sold separately.

Product Code: D0005
Black(last one!)
PTP 58cm; Length 83cm
Fits UK 6-10
RM52;SGD 32
RM 19!!

When touched, the material feels expensive, the looks even dearer.

Product Code: D0010
Blue // Black // White
PTP 42cm; Length 68cm
Fits UK 6-12
RM52; SGD32
RM 29!!
This is my personal favourite, don't have to tell you why, right?

Product Code: T0007
Colours: Blue
Pit-to-pit 56cm; Length 68cm
Fits UK 6-10
RM50; SGD31
RM 15!!

Don't ask me how I name our clothes. Somehow, don't know by coincidence or by chance (NO, we know the trends), there are lots of chains and chains. This design gives a very military feel, very very edgy and classy at the same time too. Yes - ATTENTION!

Product Code: T0008
Colours: Grey(Available), Black (SOLD)
RM45; SGD28
RM 19!!
Pit-to-pit 34cm; Length 58cm
Fits UK4-10
(Not Restockable)
Less is more. Less clothes, more skin (one shoulder off). A brush of sequins, more clothes. As sequins will be in for some time, more of these sequin variations will definitely surface. Before everyone has it, you have it! Then you'll be Truly Posh:ticated.

Product Code: D0004
Colours: Black(Sold), Silver,White(Sold)
Pit-to-pit 14"; Length 30"
Fits UK 4-10
RM49; SGD30
Grab your sequin dress now! They are in trend, really. Just look at brands like Topshop and Forever 21 that carries sequin dresses too! Our sequin dress quality is as good, as awesome -)

Product Code: D0009
Colours: Purple(Available), Black(Sold)
Pit-to-pit 30cm; Length 130cm
Fits UK 4-12
RM75; SGD43
RM 20 ( include postage)

We had in mind the many buyers who wanted Maxidresses, when we got this. Be assured that it is Maximum Elegance; Maximum eye-glances too - not for the faint-hearted.

Product Code: D0008
Colours: Grey, Black
Pit-to-pit 56cm; Length 80cm
Fits UK 6-12
RM59; SGD35
RM 20!!

First thing to describe is, the quality satin! Just see how it drapes on our models; just by seeing you can almost touch the material, right! (black ribbon on grey dress, no included) Next, the ornaments tapping on each side of the shoulders gives it a touch of class. Nowadays, the classy fashion has a hint of edgy-ness eh?

Product Code: T0004
Colours: Red(SOLD), Grey(Available)
RM25; SGD18
RM 10
Pit-to-pit 33cm; Length 63cm
Fits UK 4-8
(Not Restockable)
Casual has never looks so edgy. Oscar Wilde, [Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months] you are wrong, look how we have merged styles and come up with something - beautiful with attitude.

Product Code: T0005
Colours: Red(Available), White(SOLD), Black(SOLD)
Pit-to-pit 33cm; Length 63cm
Fits UK 4-8
RM23; SGD17
RM 10!!

Pricked with diamonds, it's simplicity and beauty speaks for itself. Perfect for casual school wear! Match it along with a nice blazer, you can even ready to hit the night-lights.


Product Code: L0002
Colors: Black
RM30; SGD21
RM 15 ( limited stock)
Fits UK4-10
We love snakeskin and zips so much, we decided to get leggings of this up-to-date style specially for you!

Sleek cutting and classy golden buttons with a tinge of nautical theme.
*Jewelery (bangle and necklace) sold separately*
RM 38  RM28
Black//White( All Sold Out)
PTP 35cm; Length 72cm
Fits uk 4-10

Product Code: T 0001
Colours: Red, White, Black (All Sold Out)
RM45; SGD28
Pit-to-pit 14"; length 25"
Fits UK 4-12

From far, this top is the perfect fusion of tradition and contemporariness! Wear the mandarin collar, flower lace and round buttons with a hint of Western insouciance to bring out the stubbornly elegant Oriental lioness (but poised) in you. Rule the room! ROAR -)

Product Code: T 1001
Colours: White, Teal  (All Sold Out)
RM39; SGD25
Fits UK6-10

Vamp it up with this feminine ruffles halter capturing attention towards the neckline. It is smocked back for a better and more personalised fit. This piece simply suits any occasion – elegant formal meetings, romantic special dates and glamorous casual outings. Made of quality satin and it is ready to wear, this ruffles halter is every ladies' favourite. It looks great with any outfit this CNY&V-day season.

Product Code: D1002
Colours: Purple (Sold Out)
RM42; SGD27
Length 33"

Soft flower patterns, breezed with a touch of purple. It's sexy cutting and hint of purple will make you feel like a princess instantly!

Product Code: T0002 
Colours: black, silver, gold (All Sold Out)
RM42; SGD27
Pit-to-pit 16"; Length 29"
Fits UK 6-12

This exotic python inspired tank top adds an edge to any pair of jeans or latex leggings. Match it with a pair of stiletto heels and you are ready to rock! A great wear for a casual outing – going to the movies, dinners and parties! The top also comes together with a detachable necklace.

We are more than honoured to be featured by the Book of Fame! Much thanks to Cynthia Lee and her post!

We will serve all you customers with all our hearts and provide you with the best service! Enjoy (:

with love,
Volver Clothier

Product Code: D0012
Blue(SOLD) // Black(SOLD)
PTP 33cm; Length 60cm
Fits UK 4-8
RM 58; SGD 35
RM 19!!
Every inch of this clothing just shouts, "me"! Haha, not it doesn't, it shouts, "in trend"! Zip, Denim, Smocked back for better fitting, and the Inside-out.

Product Code: D0011
Black (All Sold OuT)
PTP 37cm; Length 63cm
Fits UK 6-12
RM46;SGD 29
RM 23!!
Ready for parties? This mysterious phython-textured toga will just sssteal the limelight for you.

Product Code: T0011
White (black inside) // Black (white inside) // Bluish-Grey (white inside) (Model Wearing) (ALL SOLD OUT)
PTP 43cm; Length 73cm
Fits UK 6-12
RM39;SGD 25

A variant of bullete:d, just wilder.

Product Code: T0003
Colours: Black(SOLD), Grey(SOLD)
RM69, SGD40
Pit-to pit 15"; Length:13";
Sleeve length: 22"
Fits UK 4-10
Though this is a half blazer, it certainly doubles your sexiness! and definitely will keep you warm in cold lecture theaters; hot (and formal) for presentations!