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Product Code: L0002
Colors: Black
RM30; SGD21
RM 15 ( limited stock)
Fits UK4-10
We love snakeskin and zips so much, we decided to get leggings of this up-to-date style specially for you!

Sleek cutting and classy golden buttons with a tinge of nautical theme.
*Jewelery (bangle and necklace) sold separately*
RM 38  RM28
Black//White( All Sold Out)
PTP 35cm; Length 72cm
Fits uk 4-10

Product Code: T 0001
Colours: Red, White, Black (All Sold Out)
RM45; SGD28
Pit-to-pit 14"; length 25"
Fits UK 4-12

From far, this top is the perfect fusion of tradition and contemporariness! Wear the mandarin collar, flower lace and round buttons with a hint of Western insouciance to bring out the stubbornly elegant Oriental lioness (but poised) in you. Rule the room! ROAR -)

Product Code: T 1001
Colours: White, Teal  (All Sold Out)
RM39; SGD25
Fits UK6-10

Vamp it up with this feminine ruffles halter capturing attention towards the neckline. It is smocked back for a better and more personalised fit. This piece simply suits any occasion – elegant formal meetings, romantic special dates and glamorous casual outings. Made of quality satin and it is ready to wear, this ruffles halter is every ladies' favourite. It looks great with any outfit this CNY&V-day season.

Product Code: D1002
Colours: Purple (Sold Out)
RM42; SGD27
Length 33"

Soft flower patterns, breezed with a touch of purple. It's sexy cutting and hint of purple will make you feel like a princess instantly!

Product Code: T0002 
Colours: black, silver, gold (All Sold Out)
RM42; SGD27
Pit-to-pit 16"; Length 29"
Fits UK 6-12

This exotic python inspired tank top adds an edge to any pair of jeans or latex leggings. Match it with a pair of stiletto heels and you are ready to rock! A great wear for a casual outing – going to the movies, dinners and parties! The top also comes together with a detachable necklace.

We are more than honoured to be featured by the Book of Fame! Much thanks to Cynthia Lee and her post!

We will serve all you customers with all our hearts and provide you with the best service! Enjoy (:

with love,
Volver Clothier

Product Code: D0012
Blue(SOLD) // Black(SOLD)
PTP 33cm; Length 60cm
Fits UK 4-8
RM 58; SGD 35
RM 19!!
Every inch of this clothing just shouts, "me"! Haha, not it doesn't, it shouts, "in trend"! Zip, Denim, Smocked back for better fitting, and the Inside-out.

Product Code: D0011
Black (All Sold OuT)
PTP 37cm; Length 63cm
Fits UK 6-12
RM46;SGD 29
RM 23!!
Ready for parties? This mysterious phython-textured toga will just sssteal the limelight for you.

Product Code: T0011
White (black inside) // Black (white inside) // Bluish-Grey (white inside) (Model Wearing) (ALL SOLD OUT)
PTP 43cm; Length 73cm
Fits UK 6-12
RM39;SGD 25

A variant of bullete:d, just wilder.

Product Code: T0003
Colours: Black(SOLD), Grey(SOLD)
RM69, SGD40
Pit-to pit 15"; Length:13";
Sleeve length: 22"
Fits UK 4-10
Though this is a half blazer, it certainly doubles your sexiness! and definitely will keep you warm in cold lecture theaters; hot (and formal) for presentations!